Allergies, itchiness, and yeast. Oh my!

Allergies, itchiness, and yeast. Oh my!

Many people often experience at one time or another an itchy dog who gets yeasty ears. What are some options to combat these two common ailments? Below are some homeopathic tips, ideas, or tricks we have found worked for our boy.

Food Allergies
Oftentimes, dogs and even people will experience food sensitivities. But dogs, can't always tell us what is causing a mild reaction. Oftentimes, it is these mild reactions (itchy, dry, flakey skin, clogged anal glands), that are overlooked. It isn't until the dog starts licking their feed, and develops yeast in the ears and even on the skin that we take note. So what can be done? We had a long journey of discovering and weeding out what our boy had allergies too.

How we started
We first started by feeding him single protein sources to weed out what caused a reaction. The best way we found to do this was through feeding a product like Just Food for Dogs, K9 Natural, or Darwin's PetsEach recipe is made with a single protein source.

Once we discovered what caused him to have a mild reaction, I wanted to research why. I found that meats are categorized as cold or hot meats. This means what causes the internal body temperature to raise when it is being digested.
We found that ducks, white fish, and rabbits are cooling meats. While lamb, venison, and trout are hot meats.

In addition, a lot of kibble dog foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates from products like potatoes, peas, pea protein, etc.  The body converts these carbohydrates to sugar and ultimately yeast. 

Lastly, with mixed proteins and dog kibbles, the ratio of meat to carbohydrates and fillers is much less than it should be for a species that is considered to be carnivores (meat eaters). 

For more information on this matter, Darwin's Pets has some great articles. 

Why does this matter?
Hot meats cause an inflammatory response in the system which can lead to inflammation of the skin. So, when you want to eliminate yeast and itchiness, eliminate the inflammation response.

The second main thing we did, while transitioning food, was to administer probiotics from ABC Plus. We found a positive response within 72 hours which included a decrease in inflammation in the ears, a decrease in yeast smell in the ears, and less itching overall.

The last main issue we had to address was the coat. With all the itching, we noticed hair loss.

Skin Care
With a show dog, their coat is key. But also exploring out in the woods, the hair often takes a beating. So we sought out organic, chemical-free hair regrowth products to aid in the repair of our boy's coat. We discovered Famous Skincare for Dogs, a growth line, to be the best. Made with essential oils and organic products, our boy's coat started to regrow, and the overall shedding and itchiness decreased by 75% percent after the first bath. We have continued to use this product line not only weekly on our boy, but on ourselves as well.

If you have any other products that you have found worked, please let me know by leaving a comment below. If any one of these sources has helped you as well, I would love to hear about it.

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