About Us

The team 🌲
Our story has been a bit slow in the making and changing a bit over time, but considering the impact that COVID has had on people these past few years, I am here to share our story đź’«
Hi! My name is Kay, and the inspiration for Toller Tours is the one and only, Rush the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or toller [toh-ler] for short. He is bred to toll or lure ducks, but instead, his passion is fishing just like my husband.
Dog Fishing - watching fishing pole
Since I travel for my day job, I am always looking for dog-friendly options. My work travels came to a bit of a halt in 2019 with the onset of the pandemic. During this time, I saw an increase in people adding four-legged members to their families. And as the restrictions lifted, there was an evident need in connecting these new pet owners with dog-friendly resources and travel options.
Growing up working at vet hospitals with my mom, I learned a lot from the various vets and specialists. I wanted to combine this knowledge and over 15+ years of backpacking, hiking, camping, and traveling with dogs, with first-time dog owners, or adventuring newbies a way to explore with Fido!
Something is amazing that happens when we step outside and just take in the fresh air, the majestic mountains, and step on dirt that may not have been tread upon in some time with our best four-legged friend leading the way. Thus, I decided to start, Toller Tours.
I understand that numerous companies provide dog-friendly travel tips, but am setting out to create a community, where dog lovers can find connections, resources, and tips, make new friends, and bring Fido on an adventure, all at a price point that’s doable for everyday adventurers and weekend warriors alike! I cannot thank you'll for the support and likes, and I promise we are just getting started. 💙 See you soon on a trail with a wagging Tail!